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About Metre-Cube Ltd

Over the past decade we have been consistent in our objective of contributing our quota to the growth and development of Nigeria’s economy as well as improving the lot of individuals and corporate clients through investment in real estate, general investment finance and management services.

Metre-cube limited is a pre-eminent focused construction company with a large, well balanced portfolio comprised of residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings. It is renowned for its impressive development of residential properties and its landmark development of a five- unit duplex building at Lugbe, Abuja. The company also has a small but growing portfolio of property investments in Nigeria and an interest in property development across borders.

We have also served as residential and industrial property management specialists; where we have gained good reputation in property management and construction; because we deliver a service that provides integrity, professionalism and peace of mind to our clients.

Core Competencies

Metre-cube ltd aims to make a significant contribution to the future of construction and real estate projects. We have an integrated team approach to development to ensure that our projects fully address all design and lifestyle parameters from the initial planning stages through to conclusion.

Our comprehensive service portfolio includes:

Construction Management

We offer a professional service that provides our clients with effective management of the project’s time schedule, cost, quality and safety.
We represent our client’s interest and provide oversight over the entire project directly for the owner.

Building Construction

We are responsible for planning. Executing and directing the construction of a variety of projects including civil engineering projects and large scale building projects such as real estate developments, schools, hospitals, factories, shopping malls, religious centers and office blocks.

Facility Renovation

At Metre Cube ltd, we render service to upgrade existing structure to improve performance by either altering the scope of structure, providing additional facilities or improving existing facilities.

Property Development and Management

Our team brings together a wealth of experience in property development and management to provide our highly esteemed clients with a tailored service that can respond to their needs throughout all stages of a development project.

Environmental Management

At Metre Cube ltd, we outline how construction projects will avoid, minimize and even mitigate effects on the environment and surrounding area. This is done with the following approaches:

(1) Highlight client requirements.
(2.) Ensure that the construction project is in accordance to local environment law.
(3.) Detail the mitigation committed to within the environmental statement and how it will be implemented on site.
(4.) Ensure that any adverse effects are minimized during construction.


We help our numerous clients in both general and specific tasks, to ensure a desirable outcome for the management of buildings. This could start at the pre-planning stages up to post-construction stages.


Our Clients

Our Clients